Monday, 22 December 2008

Sackcloth and Ashes

Hello, dear readers.
If, like me, you're into imagery such as boys, flowers and animals, I just discovered the Sackcloth and Ashes blog after seeing the artist's fanart images floating around for a few years. The Alice in Wonderland illustrations in the memo are really nice if you scroll back a few pages. Makes me wish my own Alice illustration book [Must photograph that properly one day] was a bit...freer. I really should have developed that more. Also, this, this and this are really nice to say they're made with the online equivalent of MSpaint. Actually, just look at the gallery.

Unfortunately, most of her oils on the site have been taken down because of online distribution and people actually printing and selling her work without permission, and obviously you can't claim copyright to fanart. Discovering her original illustration recently was quite refreshing, even if [like me] you find yourself incrediby jaded by manga, yet can never stop yourself from looking for it. Its just fascinating to see simple line drawings by an artist who you've only seen do fully-rendered paints.

Ironically I only knew about this artist by unauthorised distribution in the first place, but its definately not the first time I've seen whole galleries removed due to people saving and reposting images elsewhere. It's a shame, because even with notices saying not to repost, when you publish something on the internet, there's nothing you can really do to stop people distributing it without your permission, especially when those people speak a different language [though this incident was caused by Japanese-speakers]; so I think you should be emotionally prepared for that to happen as soon as you publish your work online.

Also, can anyone read the kanji for the artist's name? I can't even find it.


Jennifer said...

Oh wow, I had no idea you've been posting here so much! Slowly catching up with your posts :D

I love the artwork on Sackcloth and Ashes, thanks so much for reccing it. The style reminds me of Kaori Yuki's 'Count Cain' and 'God Child' series, you might like it!

This art thieving thing, I guess cos my window to fandom is LJ and people on it are nicer or know they can't get away with it. I do hear about art thieving a lot in DA though, how sucky :(((


As for the name, in your links the usericon says 'nashi' which means 'none' or 'N/A' ^^;

Blair said...

Heh, yeah, its part of the course although I do post a lot of semi un-course related things too.

Oh, are those Kaori Yuki's early works? The art in Angel Sanctuary was always really dramatic and the colour spreads for that in the artbook are amazing, will have a look at those..

LJ is definitely on a higher tier of fandom if you were to judge things. On DA you see it every day, even theivings from members of the site. But its mostly filled with much younger people who are ignorant and seek attention, on LJ its much harder to steal words!

Oh, like 'Nanashi' in Gundam Wing. Thanks!

jengou said...

Oh gosh, I wasn't aware that you'd replied to this comment... still getting used to blogger. I might get one though, it looks less chaotic than LJ somehow ^^

Ah, it's part of your course! I guess it helps cement learning? Really impressed with the knowledge on here.

Count Cain is indeed one of Kaori Yuki's earlier works, but then she took a break and did Angel Sanctuary. Then she sort of went back and did Count Cain, except she called the new books 'God Child' which are continuations of Count Cain. The art in God Child is even better than Angel Santuary (tho she still struggles with anatomy sometimes). Two of her one-book stories I remember loving was 'Boy's Next Door' and 'Kaine', worth reading :)

Yes yes, I think the first 'Na' in nanashi denotes 'namae' (name), and suffix 'nashi' means 'none'.

Blair said...

Yeah, that confused me a first, its nice that you get to choose which threads Blogger emails you about though.

Yep yep, we do this instead of writing a dissertation, which is pretty cool, although I quite like essays anyway. Check out the people I'm watching too 8D

Oh, really? I wasn't aware of the other stuff she'd done, Angel Sanctuary is pretty popular in bookstores but I've never seen the other series. I guess they weren't picked for translation? The artbooks are translated though I think, strange.

Oof I need to get better at Japanese. Would that be written 名無し?

jengou said...

I will indeed check the people you're watching, this is fun :D I've just got to find a way to read rss feeds (hopefully I can do this on LJ) so I remember to check this blog and others on regular basis :)

Aw, it would be a shame if those titles weren't picked up for translation, but I wouldn't know. I read them in Chinese - I'm sure there are scanlations online tho...

Yes, that's how it's written :D

Blair said...

Oh yes, I think there is a way to manage feeds on LJ, I know you can leave comments on blogger when signed in as an LJ user, like some big blogging network~

Oh yes, scanlations. Have you read any interesting manga lately? Still reading Vinland Saga?

Sweet~~ I recognised the 'na' kanji from 'namae'...Would love to have another little Japanese irl crit session some time!

jengou said...

Ah, I think I have to get a paid account to get feeds. I'll think about it ^^

Yes yes, I've been reading 'REAL', by Inoue Takehiko! I'm loving it more than Vinland Saga (not that either of them are getting updated woooooeeee). I highly rec REAL, even if you don't like sports manga (it's about basketball). Do you have any good recs?

Sure sure, Japanese irl crit session would be fun! I haven't gone to Japanese classes in ages, and not attending this term... will attend next term though. I've got to add that to my new year's resolutions~

Blair said...

Paid accounts seem to be as popular as ever, even though lots of people were complaining about LJs policies a while ago?

Oh yes, Slam Dunk/Vagabond author?? Art for that looks just awesome, do you know anywhere where I can download the scans? Baka updates was unsuccessful ;_;
Vinland really needs an update gah. I'm not reading anything at the mo, I did start Gantz, with high expectations, but I don't think I'll enjoy it! Something that happened in the first volume seriously made me roll my eyes.

Its good to practise just by reading manga though, I'm sure your skills haven't slipped! I need to practise my kanji actually...My method atm is just reading Japanese text, identifying the commonly reoccurring kanji and looking them up and writing them down. It's such a slow process though!

Ashley Waston said...

Hi~ I love demian (sacloth and ashes) so much~ Her website is (I'm guessing it is a she) her tumblrs are and she also has some new work up and answers questions in English too and her blog!