Monday, 17 November 2008


Here's what I did for this project while at home. So I really liked the photos I took of the glassy crystals and rocks in the museum. Even though they were behind display cases I got some pretty good pictures. I'm not sure if this fits the brief much, I kind of went off with my own ideas and urge to draw figures, baaaad. But I think it should be okay. In before 'rocks aren't organic', they grow and make different shapes over time, right...? Wait, that's the effects of erosion, isn't it. I'll do better next time.
30 second drawings on Posemaniacs, go try it!
Its harder on a tablet though, too damn slippery. Need to get a smaller sketchbook for this stuff...My favourite is number 4, just for the pose.

Fffff I will do the blogs soon. Also, I'm at home in Leeds right now, the thing that has been going round has got me and I've been a bit ill. Disappointed I missed yesterday's lesson, and I'll miss tomorrows too...Will just have to catch up. I haven't done as much work as I'd have liked to, haven't felt up to it, but I can never just force myself to rest. Ugh.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008


Some figures from Posemaniacs, Photoshop, about 10 mins each. I think to make it a better exercise, I'll try do them in about 30 seconds instead, is there much need to put so much time into eyeballing something when the point is to familiarise yourself with anatomy? I want to be able to do this kind of thing with no reference eventually. Not that these are great by any standard, but my figurative drawing sans reference is a little embarassing.

Well, the past few years I've been finding figure drawings much more interesting and beautiful than fantasy/manga stuff, or polished imagery in general. Those kind of things I tend to glance at and say 'cool' without really responding to them, its probably overexposure or something like that. The only time I can really appreciate manga style anymore is when its being used for its intended purpose, i.e. actual Japanese comics. Seeing that kind of thing being done by Westerners tends not to sit right, I think it takes a very creative person to do it well. Personally its not something I'd want to put into my portfolio too much, unless I wanted to show off my hobbies? I kind of see fanart, etc as completely separate from your main work...
Well, I should be catching up on the real blogs, so I'll stop now. Until next time~