Monday, 17 November 2008


Here's what I did for this project while at home. So I really liked the photos I took of the glassy crystals and rocks in the museum. Even though they were behind display cases I got some pretty good pictures. I'm not sure if this fits the brief much, I kind of went off with my own ideas and urge to draw figures, baaaad. But I think it should be okay. In before 'rocks aren't organic', they grow and make different shapes over time, right...? Wait, that's the effects of erosion, isn't it. I'll do better next time.


DollyDalton said...

rocks are defo organic ;)

These are beautiful I love the woman. The rock you used for that I think i recognise, It baffled me the way it grew.

Love them :D

Blair said...

@Cherelle: Oof that's a relief!

Thank you, one of those rocks photographed really weirdly, it looked like ice with the flash on, but I think I'm into brown/orange at the moment. Such mad running about and photographing every single rock moments. 8D

Del "D-Y-D" said...

someone in our year did an almost identical concept last year, so i'm sure its okay.
maybe you could try to pushing the form of the creature/person rather than just at the way rocks look.

well done thus far.

oblivion345 said...

damn i so jelous, ive gone 4 the same concept but they all look rubish, still cant decide on a final piece though