Wednesday, 12 November 2008


Some figures from Posemaniacs, Photoshop, about 10 mins each. I think to make it a better exercise, I'll try do them in about 30 seconds instead, is there much need to put so much time into eyeballing something when the point is to familiarise yourself with anatomy? I want to be able to do this kind of thing with no reference eventually. Not that these are great by any standard, but my figurative drawing sans reference is a little embarassing.

Well, the past few years I've been finding figure drawings much more interesting and beautiful than fantasy/manga stuff, or polished imagery in general. Those kind of things I tend to glance at and say 'cool' without really responding to them, its probably overexposure or something like that. The only time I can really appreciate manga style anymore is when its being used for its intended purpose, i.e. actual Japanese comics. Seeing that kind of thing being done by Westerners tends not to sit right, I think it takes a very creative person to do it well. Personally its not something I'd want to put into my portfolio too much, unless I wanted to show off my hobbies? I kind of see fanart, etc as completely separate from your main work...
Well, I should be catching up on the real blogs, so I'll stop now. Until next time~


Anonymous said...

Cool. The third figure's right arm looks dodgy, the right shoulder is a little low I think.

Blair, let's have some figure drawing sessions together...

Blair said...

@Zongyi: It looked right on the reference, but I think the perspective on the drawing must be out or something, it does look weird though.

Yessss :]

Del "D-Y-D" said...

good look.

i was speaking to the art manager from Splash Damage games, and he said that; he and all the art directors he knows, throw a portfolio out as soon as they see manga in it.

it just sickens them.

so i wouldnt suggest ever showing it off even as a hobby :S

thumbs up on the anatomy practice though.
keep at it

Blair said...

@Del: Wow, I wonder if that rule applies if you're actually Japanese. Still, I didn't know they were that harsh! I do understand it though, there's no point showing your hobbies at a job interview, you wouldn't crack out your embroidery pieces so why anything else?
Thanks! :]