Thursday, 23 July 2009

Generic 3d female body

Made a mannequin-esque female, so I can use it as a guide for part of my summer project. At first it ended up too mannequin-like, so I made the thighs and waist a little weightier so they looked less stupid.

3972 tris including head. Is...This semi-decent? Its like 95% quads, a couple of triangles here and there. I think the shoulders/upper arms are the most problematic. Any crit would be treasured forever, as usual.


Aby Bagulay said...

I've been researching loads of human models to see how people out there do it...
Tri's here and there are in all of them, so i wouldnt worry about that! I said on FB that the shoulders needed to be abit more rounded, but aside from that, i like the shape! ^^

Blair said...

Ohh that's a relief! Is it zbrush that doesn't like tris, or something? Thanks for your comments <3