Sunday, 20 June 2010

So the 2nd year is at an end...

I guess I can count it as finished now and we're officially third years after the degree show. I'm glad I came up to see it, everyone's work was so impressive and the standard was so high...I feel like I really want to push myself to at least meet that next year.
I want to say thank you to everyone especially Cam, Del and Dave for putting up with my nagging questions, you guys taught me so much this year and I'm so grateful to everyone for taking the time to explain things to me and giving me direction. I appreciate it so much, thank you ♥

Looking back on this year I'd say I've been a little too emotionally sensitive towards what people have said and taken things as a personal attack. People are going to say what they think and be harsh to me, but I need to learn to take criticism and carry on. I made a thread on recently to get some harsh crit that isn't softened because we know each other. I'm starting to compare my work to real game artists and realise how far I have to come. I just had a frank conversation with my dad and he thinks its likely that I'm going to have to work a shit job at home and save up money before I can work in the games industry. I don't want that to happen, even though it might, and I'm a bit worried about it. Working in a shop or whatever would be a last resort, there are many other things that are at least art related I'd try and do before that. But, fuck worrying, lets do some work!

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teroteki said...

try to treat critisim as information! extract the bits you need from the critique, and disregard the rest :)
it's difficult.. especially when you've spent days pouring your heart out into a piece, only for it to be torn up in a few sentences.
but you have a great attitude, keep it up! :D